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All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered – the point is to discover them.

Galileo Galilei, Philosopher 1564-1642

How we can work with you


  • Culture
  • Motivation
  • Creativity
  • Learning Styles
  • Politics & Conflict
  • Team Development
  • Capacity Building


  • Structure
  • Systems
  • Change Design
  • Change Management
  • Gaining & Keeping Momentum
  • Energy & Employee Well-Being


  • Imagination
  • Language
  • Skilful Action
  • Strategy
  • Outstanding Leadership
  • Sustainable Competitive Advantage


  • Consistent Service Quality
  • Groups & Teams
  • Training/Career Progression
  • Reward & Recognition


  • Interpretation
  • Tour Guide Training
  • Place Branding
  • Destination Planning
  • Stakeholder Engagement

My Approach

Rooted in academic practice and a pragmatic understanding of business, with specific knowledge of the service sector, I provide support and guidance on a range or organisational issues.

I am passionate about the need for a holistic approach in business where head, heart and spirit can be engaged to ignite sustainable success on an individual as well as organisational level.

Using a mix of methods, I work with you to get clear on what type of organisational development your business currently needs.  I also facilitate focus groups and can create research for you.

What I Offer

Every business is unique, so I don’t offer pre-packaged solutions – instead, I ask powerful questions to get to the heart of where you want to take your organisation.

Together we draw a map what the business needs right now, the people and politics, and what you bring to the context in order to pinpoint the priority so you can take wise, skilful action.

Call for an initial, informal conversation about how you can move things forward and do your best work.


Gemma was my tutor whilst I was studying for my CMI Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership qualification.

I found Gemma inspiring and intuitive – a careful listener with an analytical mind who is able to very quickly assess a workplace situation/context.

She skilfully engages you in a dynamic discussion to draw out the issues at play and together build changes to create success for the organisation to reach its full potential.

Katherine Clements HR Development Manager

Gemma is inspiring individual – from whom I’ve learnt much – she is a real people person.

She builds rapport quickly, has very engaging style of delivery and creates a fantastic environment to explore organizational development issues.

I wholeheartedly recommend Gemma – she is outstanding, trustworthy and a highly ethical training provider.

Stuart Isley Head of Customer Service, Town & Country Housing Group

Since working with Gemma, a key change has been my own work/life balance – it’s significantly improved.

This in turn has improved my leadership which is having a knock-on effect on how I support the management team.

Working with Gemma has revealed just how closed linked seemingly small, more operational issues are linked to key organisational issues. Understanding this has created a fundamental shift in attitude with stronger results.

Alesssandro Ferrazza Regional Manager, Compass Group

Working under increasing pressures, there’s a real danger that objectivity is side lined by oppressive subjectivity.

In this context, more than anything else, what we need are individuals who journey with us, offering guidance and conversation about the most productive next step…Gemma is one such individual.

She brings balanced understanding – theory and practice – of organisational issues and blends knowledge with pragmatism. I have benefited from her skill of asking key questions to unearth insights and wisdom.

Mike Lloyd-Evans Salvation Army, Territorial Division & Director of ALOVE

In our complex, post-Brexit context, it’s even more vital that people in organisations take time out during away days and other sessions to stand back and think. As an Indian proverb says, ‘before the tiger pounces it takes a step back.’ Gemma is a tremendous help in consulting, capacity building and coaching to enable you to take that step back before moving forward. Gemma is a conscientious and empathetic organisational developer. She’s passionate and patient in collaborating with individuals and teams to improve organisational performance by aligning strategy, people and processes.

Gemma is also a sensitive listener and creative in her approach to drawing out ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ issues. She adopts a joint question raising and problem solving approach to designing appropriate strategies, structures, policies and systems linked to the development of attitudes, behaviours and skills.

Dr Julie Davies MBA, FHEA, FCIPDSubject Lead HR & Professional Programmes, University of Huddersfield

That old adage that people go towards what they can see, carries the corollary that someone has to paint the picture that inspires – Gemma is good at this.

Her clarity comes from deep academic study of organisational behaviour but perhaps just as importantly from her natural instinct to listen carefully and respond thoughtfully and imaginatively. In my experience of working with her on academic projects she is very determined but also a joy to work with.  Gemma has a particular talent for leading small groups.  She sees managers as people – not simply as roles, and her approach to organizational development is always holistic.

It’s a blessing that among her linguistic abilities, she does not use management-speak.

Michael RileyProfessor Emeritus, University of Surrey. Guildford, UK

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Ask a question, set up a meeting, initial conversation about your organisational needs -

Gemma McGrath

BA, MSc, MA & PhD
Founder and Lead Consultant

For the last twenty years, I have held Senior Lecturer in Tourism, Business Management at a range of UK Higher and Further Education Institutions (Birkbeck College, Open University, Canterbury Christ Church and University of the Arts London). I also deliver Chartered Institute of Management Bromley College.

I have also undertaken work with a range of organisations – UK Department of Trade & Industry, World Tourism Organisation, the Costa Rica Tourist Board, The National Institute of Culture in Peru, Deutche Bank and UBS in the City of London.

Originally a linguist, (BA French & Hispanic Studies) I later specialised in the service sector with University of Surrey’s School of Management in the service sector (MSc Tourism Management, with distinction) where I also developed a PhD, which explored the role of tour guides in an integrated approach to heritage management. The key findings highlight the need to increase stakeholder engagement at both inter- and intra-organisational level to provide a joined-up approach to conservation.

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